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A Trendsetter
in Adhesives

Complete Range of Self-Adhesives
Reinforcements Tapes

Reinforcement Tapes

Revolutionary Tapes for highest precision in Reinforcement of Bags

SKICORP TRINITY has been a partner to the shoe and leather goods industry for over three decades. Tapes designed and used for Footwear upper and leather Goods reinforcement.

Leather goods and footwear are subject to several stress elements: mechanical stress during wearing and external factors such as heat, dryness, and humidity & water during the manufacturing stages. Our tapes add value to our customer's final products. They contribute to production efficiency, improve quality, consistency and contribute to long-term comfort & durability. We have dedicated R&D, which, based on market needs, constantly innovate for unique articles which cover the needs of our customers.


Optimum solution to check RFID protection for your wallet

As RFID radio transmission technology is becoming increasingly widespread, new risks such as electronic data theft, identity theft, and payment fraud arise. Passports, Identity , Credit & Debit cards, key cards, and access control cards are equipped with radio chips (RFID/NFC chips) more and more frequently. Unauthorized third parties can read out the data stored on them with the aid of an RFID reader from a distance. This process may occur without direct physical contact and may pass unnoticed.

ID SHIELD safeguards data theft and payment fraud by creating an RFID shield that blocks the electromagnetic energy necessary to power and communicates with contactless smart cards, passports, enhanced drivers licenses (EDLs), TWIC, PIV, etc. CAC and transit cards. It is essential to total security because although most contactless smart card systems implement industry-standard security mechanisms, readers can be modified to access information without authorization. Certified by TÜV (Germany) & FIPS (USA), the RFID blocking material protects from unauthorized access to the data encoded on RFID/NFC chips.


Revolutionary Tapes for highest precision in Reinforcement of Bags

Whether you are a shoes, gloves or a leather goods manufacturer, cutting and pasting reinforcements in proper shape and at an exact place of importance has always been a time-killing monster, which needed a time saving and accurate solution. Trinity Skicorp brings you Justpeil - hassle free pre-cut adhesive reinforcements. All you need to do is just peel it and paste it.

With all required custom shapes available in the number of materials you need, you have nothing to worry about.

The absolute consistent precision of the critical component ensures zero tolerance and deviation, which is critical in various applications like passport cover, credit card slots, etc. You save enormous time, and effort and accuracy get increased multifold, adding to the quality. Of your products, you can now focus more on faster production and achieve your ultimate potential productivity. So now you can always say for everything. There is JUSTPEIL.

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