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Optimum solution to check RFID protection for your wallet

As RFID radio transmission technology is becoming increasingly widespread, new risks such as electronic data theft, identity theft, and payment fraud arise. Passports, Identity , Credit & Debit cards, key cards, and access control cards are equipped with radio chips (RFID/NFC chips) more and more frequently. Unauthorized third parties can read out the data stored on them with the aid of an RFID reader from a distance. This process may occur without direct physical contact and may pass unnoticed.

ID SHIELD safeguards data theft and payment fraud by creating an RFID shield that blocks the electromagnetic energy necessary to power and communicates with contactless smart cards, passports, enhanced drivers licenses (EDLs), TWIC, PIV, etc. CAC and transit cards. It is essential to total security because although most contactless smart card systems implement industry-standard security mechanisms, readers can be modified to access information without authorization. Certified by TÜV (Germany) & FIPS (USA), the RFID blocking material protects from unauthorized access to the data encoded on RFID/NFC chips.

We make impossible possible, and help you...

Risks Of RFID / NFC Technology

Instant contactless payment for surveillance, verification, identification, access and border crossing without long waiting times.

The benefits of RFID / NFC for you as a traveler, buyer and driver are many and beyond doubt, as well as risks and obstacles.

As RFID radio transmission technology is becoming more and more popular, there are new dangers such as electronic data theft, identity theft, electronic capture, electronic fraud, unpaid payments without contact and card collisions.

Passports, credit cards, debit cards, identity cards, key cards, car keys and access control cards equipped with passive radio chips (RFID / NFC tags).

Information stored on these RFID / NFC tags can be read without contact with RFID readers from a distance.


  • Frequency
    Total RFID frequency / bandwidth 20 kHz; 100 kHz; 125/134 kHz; 13.56 MHz; 433 MHz; 868 MHz; 915 MHz; 2.4 GHz; 3 GHz; 4 GHz
  • Material
    Special metal alloy (no standard PET / aluminum / PE; no metal alloy fabric)
  • Thickness
    Minimum thickness 100µ in standard non-adhesive version and adhesive version with specific lamination upon request
    Tested quality: Tested by manufacturer with more powerful technology than RFID readers or smartphones (apps)
    TÜV approved. 57513A.
  • Test
    Shield attenuation tests of your prototypes in your own laboratory (free of charge)
    Certificate program for your value added applications and products; with a seal of approval
    Option to buy or lend an RFID reader
    Tested Seal and Idshield brand logo for marketing to ensure QA of final product
    Consultation and support services: processing (coating, laminating, cutting); installation instructions, focus on the specific needs of the manufacturers
    Fast and reliable order execution
    Shipping worldwide
    Minimum order quantity: 10 sqm (samples on request)
  • COST
    Manufacturer prices


While RFID provides buyers, motorists and travelers with much-needed convenience, there is definitely a consensus on safety.
The risks are many and undoubtedly, too:
  • Electronic data theft by illegal scanning

  • Theft of personal information and harassment

  • Electronic pickpocketing

  • Payment fraud

  • Unintended contactless payments withdrawals

  • Simultaneous payment transactions

  • There are no limited transaction numbers

  • Card conflict (dense tag area)

  • Interference between payment terms

  • Tracking

  • Car theft, car burglary

  • Risk of encryption technology and security leaks


  • Information stored on RFID chips can be uploaded, scanned and scanned by anyone with easy RFID readers.

  • RFID ban is important because of the technical limitations of RFID. All (legal and illegal) RFID readers may read data on cards, smart keys and passports and use security leaks.

  • These RFID scanners initiate and / or access radio transmissions and read information on passports, car keys and smart cards and capture or process information.

  • Passport holders, cardholders and vehicles should be aware of the attack on (or over-discussing) RFID / NFC chips and therefore against digital privacy. This attack occurs silently and cannot be seen from a far.

Type of attacks

  • Sniffing

  • Spoofing and replay

  • Man-in-the-middle

  • Cloning and emulation

  • Denial of service

  • Jammer system

  • Blocker tags

  • RFID zapper

  • Tracking

  • Relay station attacks (RSA)

  • RFID blocking with IDSHIELD material means silencing RFID / NFC chips with high technology, a safe barrier and keeping your customers' data safe and confidential.
  • Many manufacturers and brands around the world rely on IDSHIELD RFID blocking material.
  • IDSHIELD adds value to your products while providing your customers with the highest screen density rates.
  • IDSHIELD RFID blocks material protects against all RFID attacks. Illegal expulsion of RFID readers.
  • 100 kHz, 125/134 kHz, 13.56 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz, 915/950 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 3 GHz, 4 GHz

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